Products And Solutions

  • Business Solutions

  • Document Management System

    • Business Process Management Suite

      OmniFlow is a platform-independent, scalable Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) that enables automation of organizational business processes.
    • Enterprise Content Management Suite

      OmniDocs is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Suite for creating, capturing, managing, delivering and archiving large volumes of documents and content.
    • Customer Communication Management

      Newgen's Omni Output Management System (O2MS) delivers smarter & targeted communications for better customer experiences.
    • Enterprise Reports Management and Archival

      OmniReports stores trillions of computer-generated output pages and reports in a highly compressed form.
    • Forms Processing Engine

      OmniExtract is the data capturing solution which extracts business critical information from image documents and forms.
    • Invoice Processing System

      Newgen’s Invoice Processing System, with automatic data verification and validation capability, is a solution for automatic data capture from semi-structured invoice documents. It also supports seamless integration with SAP and other ERP’s.
    • Image-Based Check Clearing & Payment

      Newgen’s ChequeFlow is an image based Cheque Processing solution for inward and outward clearing.
    • Governance, Risk & Compliance

      Compliance Manager is an integrated solution for Governance, Risk and Compliance that’s geared to ensure compliance with standards, best practices and guidelines of various regulatory acts.
    • Production and Distributed Scanning Suite

      OmniScan is a production and distribution software scanning for document image capture. It supports distributed scanning, image quality enhancement and delivery of documents to business systems.
    • E-Gov Office


      E- Gov Office is an electronic workplace that automates the processes essential for an efficient, transparent and good governance. It reduces process delays, helps to access and utilize information quickly and expedite work.